Vote for the Best General Conference Themed T-Shirt- Winner Announced

Would you love a General Conference themed t-shirt? We have a new one based on reader submissions!

This Mormon Life did a poll for the best General Conference themed t-shirt. During the last General Conference, we had a great time creating t-shirts based on the talks from #LDSconf.

This time, we let you join in on the fun! We had some awesome designs as you can see below.


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Raffle Giveaway

We had a raffle to encourage everyone to share this raffle. Jon V. was our winner and he will be receiving a free shirt from our store!


Hey from North Carolina. The T-shirt design contest was a great idea and winning the Rafflecopter drawing made it even better. When I said the contest was a great idea, I really meant it. I submitted a T-shirt design, but there were so many other better ones to vote on. Still, you know something? Just entering the contest made me a winner. While I watched conference trying to catch a notable phrase or story, I had to pay really close attention to what was said. I think I got more out of Conference than usual. For me, that’s a win. Thanks, Grady. By the way, I really love your podcasts on “Third Hour of Power.” There’s always something to glean from it.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Vote for the Best

The most popular quote of the 2016 October General Conference was submitted by Neisha of Hang a Ribbon on the Moon. We loved Elder Uchtdorf’s talk and obviously you all did too!

4th Floor, Last Door T-Shirt Ladies


Take a moment and congratulate our winners in the comments below. Then stop by the shop and pick out a shirt!dilogr-placeholder-survey


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