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Online Tools That Will Simplify Your Life-Amazon

Probably one of the best places to start affiliate marketing for new content creators. Amazon has amazing products and is a household name. Millions shop on Amazon every day so all you are really doing is directing traffic. You can make your own “sponsored” posts with ideas like a Back to School Shopping List or an enhancement to your other content. Just over to and go to the bottom of the page to “Become an Affiliate”.


While Amazon is a great resource for affiliate selling, VigLink blows the doors off the online store you can sell for. They have a unique proposition where most of their merchants pre-approved. You get access to online stores like eBay, Groupon, Wish, and Walmart. Plus Amazon!



ShareASale also has a lot of merchants, but you must request each relationship. Rather than partnering with the big names, ShareASale is a great way to connect with more niche types of online stores. We are partnered with VidAngel and recently wrote a post about Guilt Free Game of Thrones with VidAngel that has done very well.

Online Tools That Will Simplify Your Life-Rakuten

Formerly LinkShare, Rakuten is another affiliate network and gives you access to hundreds of merchants. You do need to apply for each relationship. They have a healthy mix of known stores like Walmart and Best Buy, and some small ones too.

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  • I’m excited to try buffer. I like the idea of sharing great content but also being able to spend time with my family with not being on my phone all the time.