Online Tools That Will Simplify Your Life

Wordpress Plugins

I have a big addiction to WordPress plugins. It is so hard to know which ones to keep and which to dump. Here are my must haves!

  • Pure Chat:: Sometimes email is a bit too slow for today’s world of instant gratification. You probably see the box in the corner asking you to chat with me. If you start a conversation, I get a ping on my cell phone. Once I open the app, we can chat in real time. Try it! If I’m not available, you’ll get a request leave your question and I’ll email you back. If does wonders for my engagement and time on site. Once helped someone prepare their Sunday Lesson via chat because they were struggling.
  • Yoast SEO: It is worthless writing good content and creating an awesome business if no one knows you exist! Yoast is our go to online tool to make sure our posts are optimized to be found online. It also helps us with readability. It always dings us for using passive voice. Please help me understand how to fix how I write!
  • This-or-That: Another way to make sure your posts get seen is to make sure they are answering the pain of your audience. Sometimes I write articles none of you are about. This-or-That is helping me change that. We have a tournament on our site of about 30 blog post ideas and we have been finding that what our audience wants posts that we didn’t plan on.

What Online Tools Do You Use?

These are a few of my favorites, what are yours? I am always looking for new ways to simplify my life with awesome online tools. We will update this list when we kind new cool things, so check in often.

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  • I’m excited to try buffer. I like the idea of sharing great content but also being able to spend time with my family with not being on my phone all the time.